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Welcome to Gold Ribbon Cake! 

A sincere thanks in visiting our online cake shop.

Gold Ribbon Cake is best known for unique and good quality cakes, French Sansrivals and Ube Cakes (Purple Yam Cake). Owned by Lovely Bandal who was a self taught baker and cake decorator. 

Gold Ribbon Cake was first launched last 26th of September 2012 as a home based online business. It was 2015 when Lovely opened her very first small cafe in Rooty Hill, NSW with her daughter, Crystel Bandal; and expanded into a cafe and restaurant a year after. Gold Ribbon Cake had established excellent marks in delivering unique, beautiful and scrumptious cakes along side with beautiful French - Filipino inspired meals and desserts. Because of some changes in private matters, while on peak, Gold Ribbon Cake closed its door last March 2018.

Gold Ribbon Cake memories stay and the love for cakes never fade. In pursuit of spreading the love on cakes, Lovely brought it back online few months after. By having a remarkable team up with her daughter, Crystel Bandal, the mum and daughter came back to continue their love and passion on cakes and desserts and to put the smile back on the faces of their customers. 

Gold Ribbon Cake's mission is to be a part of everyone's special moment. 

Gold Ribbon Cake is everyone's cake and happiness!

"We love to be unique and different."





I simply love cooking and experimenting recipes.
I am fond of trying out new things and challenging myself.

I am not a food expert person, but perhaps, my curiosity of discovering new things and experimenting ingredients always give good benefits on me. I love developing recipes that satisfy my taste buds; And surprisingly, my family,  loved ones and friends  appreciate and accept it too.

I also love art and designing. And so, by combining art and cooking, I have found myself happily designing and creating cakes, which at first drew smiles on the face of my family and friends. Then, I decided to share my creations to a few, and a few becomes more and continuously grow.

The smiles and appreciation I get from the people on my creations bring priceless thoughts and happiness on me. It makes all my efforts and hard works worth it, indeed.

As I always say to myself, "when you love what you love to do, what you love to do will love you back." And I say to you, "I love to make and design your cakes."

Lovely Bandal